Everything lately seems to be quickly changing. The tulips are supposed to pop quickly, but I'm not liking the 30-degree temperature drops or the construction zones inhibiting my travel.

We have quite a bit of change happening around us, read on to see what will impact you.


First, on the agenda, the new Mayor Steve Hagerty was sworn in recently on May 8. He ran on the platform of putting fiscal responsibility and community first. His background includes being a business owner, an entrepreneur, an advocate of important local causes, and a civic leader. 


A new business is coming to Evanston next March in the Sherman Plaza. 

Target! TBD on how this will effect the small boutique stores Evanstonians love so much, but this must be good news. A large corporation is confident in the Evanston economy to support it! 

This location is sure to be stocked with school & dorm supplies, swimwear, and convenience food options, along with a pharmacy, beauty products, technology, and entertainment gadgets. You'll need to continue grabbing your Starbucks down the street before shopping, however, as they aren't planning space for the usual in-store indulgence. 

If you can't wait for your new Target fix before March, check out these other new Target stores coming to a community not too far from you. A Target is opening in nearby Skokie this October.  This location I expect will have more parking than downtown Evanston's 26 reserved pay spots, yet is still easily accessible by CTA Yellow Line. 

And let's not forget last minute items you may need while traveling into the city. New Target stores are springing up in the north side neighborhoods of Lakeview at 3200 N Clark in July 2017 and at 3300 Ashland in October 2017. Rogers Park will be opening its own store near Loyola University in October 2018. 


A 16 story high-rise is in the planning stages to be built above Prairie Moon and Tommy Nevin's Pub with construction expected to start at the end of 2017. This structure would include retail space and a new restaurant. 

Currently under construction are three developments -- 101 units at the 1571 Maple Ave. highrise downtown, 47 at 1620 Central St. and eight townhouse units at Church Street Village in west Evanston.

Traffic Patterns

A new traffic pattern experiment is underway on Ridge and Greenwood through October. The intent is to improve safety and operations at this intersection, so keep an eye out for the signs directing you.

Fountain Square Improvements

A modern fountain is replacing the previous one allowing kids and dogs access during the summer season. Seating, trees, and plants will be added. With the new construction, Sherman Avenue will remain a two-way street head north with a required left turn at Davis. Drivers taking Orrington will not be allowed to turn onto Davis once construction is complete. 

World of Beer remains open during the fountain construction and has a new menu to try. The tacos are pretty fabulous. 

Construction here is expected to be complete by the end of the year. 

Sheridan Oak Project

In efforts to make roads safer for pedestrians and bicyclists and drivers, construction on Sheridan continues until fall next year. 

  • Phase 1: Chicago Avenue – Grove Street to south limit of Chicago/Sheridan Intersection March 27, 2017 – June 12, 2017 
  • Phase 2: Sheridan Road – Chicago/Sheridan Intersection to Lincoln Street June 19, 2017 – September 15, 2017 
  • Phase 3: Sheridan Road – Lincoln Street to Ridge/Isabella Intersection April 1, 2018 – October 19, 2018

Sewer Rehab Work

See if your home will be affected by the City's sewer work during May. 

Farmers Market

The Evanston Farmer's market is now open on Saturday's for the season.

40,000 Welcomed Neighbors

Expect to see more bees as Evanston's Ecology Center installed an apiary this May. Pollination is important to the survival of our ecosystem. Make sure you know the difference between these helpers and pests. 

Avoid the Zombie-Like Wildlife

A high number of sick raccoons and coyotes carrying distemper have been found in Cook County this season. Pet owners' best defense is vaccination and supervision at all times to prevent unwanted wildlife contact.

What's Next?

Whole Foods permanently closed its first store ever back in March due to limitations of the location and saturation of the market. 

What store would you like to see fill the vacant 1111 Chicago Ave spot?