So - never having decorated before I’m a bit of a novice – but hubby said to start with painting the ceiling – then work down from there. It took me hours to get the ceiling done – but it was perfect – cut in to all the sharp corners with finesse. I had a break, then came back to do the walls – from the top down – not realizing that as I was standing on the ladder my hair (in a high messy bun) was rubbing its way across my freshly painted ceiling. I didn’t notice until I had completed the room and went to take a look up at the smooth perfection of my ceiling – only to notice the very rough and very obvious hair drag marks through the WHOLE ceiling… and it took me three washes to get the paint out of my hair completely! - Renee.

Whether you decide to do-it-yourself or hire a professional, decor is the mood setter for the home. Having the right setup in your house can help you and company feel more relaxed, alive, and welcomed. In a day and age where your home may be the only sanctuary you can find, it’s important to set it up right. Here are some diagrams with examples of things to consider for making your abode the best it can be.

Entrance is everything. Choosing the right door for your home makes an impression for every visitor.

Choose the right hardwood floor options.

Appropriate border molding is a must.

Tile patterning offers a sense of visual flow. Which flow do you prefer?

Antique chairs can add a unique element to your home. What backings work best with your decor scheme?

While you’re at it, remember to consider the leg styles.

Upholstery yardage and color for stools, sofas, and chairs make the lounging scene.

How many can your dining table seat? Adjustable tables might be preferable for space management.

Take sofa specialization to the next level by carefully considering the shape and its appeal.

The appropriate headboard helps visually set the tone of your sleep (or other bed leisure) experiences.

When planning out your room setup, it is important to consider average furniture and space dimensions and how they go together.

Plants add a living decoration dynamic to your home. Knowing the best growing conditions for them will help them help you even better.

When you aren’t staring at the flames, a lovely mantle setup can really add to the ambiance.

Pillow and bed styling is visually appealing as much as physically comfortable.

Having appropriate lampshade shape can add an extra dimension to the mood of a room. 

Hanging the curtains high and wide is good for taller ceilings.

The type and style of window covering is also important to consider.

With art, it’s important to consider the print size, wall layouts, and hanging styles to ensure that visual appeal is maximized.

The appropriate sizing and location of a rug can make all of the difference.

When choosing the color scheme of your home, understanding the psychology of colors, as well as how to combine them and what undertones to use, can really help at a fundamental level.

Even knowing the best finishings for the best areas can help in your scheme.

One way of getting the finer details down is measuring and planning your lampshade size and fittings.

What light switch style best matches your room?

Even the bulb style, wattage, and color can have an effect on a room’s overall experience.

Finally, you can also consider the micro details such as choosing a screw style that will best fit your walls.