If you want Buyers to fall in love with your home, we need to show them why you loved it. 

This is how we help you do it.

Today's technology, especially here in Chicago and the North Shore area, makes it easier than ever for consumers to view any listing on the market. As agents, we can enter a home into the MLS, click a button, and watch it automatically appear on Zillow, Trulia, and the plethora of other sites that promote listings. Unfortunately, that can also make it harder for Buyers to distinguish one listing from another.  After a certain point, they all tend to look the same. 

We want our homes to stand out from the crowd, so we keep pushing. 

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If there is one thing we know for sure, it's that Buyers want to see rich media and lots of it.

To start, every listing we take receives professional photography; that's been a standard of ours for years. We can also provide amazing 3D Virtual Tours, and when the listing needs some additional story telling, we'll shoot a video tour of it and a drone video as well to show off the property. 

Our team uses photography initially in the pre-listing phase to tease the market with "Coming Soon" promotions. This builds awareness and desire for your home. Once your home is publicly launched in the MLS database, photography continues to be most important for our "Just Listed" campaigns.

We've partnered with the right professionals to make sure your home will have every advantage we can provide over the competition.

We use Matterport technology, a next-gen device, so potential buyers can truly experience your home. These videos fully immerse viewers into virtual spaces that feel so real it's like being there.  New York Times is now even placing the 3-D tours front and center on listings in its online real estate section.

Experience the 3D Tour Yourself!

Our Website

The biggest reason we're able to attract so much attention is that we can control the presentation of your home on our website. 

The MLS, listing portals and most broker sites follow a standard format. This limits the freedom we have to present your property in the best way. 

On our website, TeamMcMurray.com, the shackles are off, and we're free to show your home the way we envision it. This means your house is featured on our website with a personalized blog describing the story of your home. Buyers love this! 

Featured Property Stories

Your home is special, so the way it's presented should reflect that.

You don't just have a "3BD 2.5BA w/fnshd bsmnt". Your porch is where you "sit and watch the rain on a warm summer night". Your kitchen has "Frank Lloyd Wright inspired, Kitchen Craft cabinetry". When guests step into your home, they "enter a room with vaulted ceilings, wrought iron balusters, an open loft, and that beautiful barn door".

If Buyers hear your home's story, they'll fall in love with it too.

We'll tell them that story.

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I know it sounds insignificant and a little strange... but we've found that Buyers love the titles we give our listings.

They don't want to tell their friends that they're buying 123 Main Street.

They get to tell them all about "The Unicorn Ranch", "The Wow Factory", "Olde Town Pinnacle", or "The Pinterest House".

The house they're buying is special.

Facebook Marketing

How do we drive Buyers to our website? We employ a few different strategies, but chief among them is Facebook Marketing. 

Simply put, Facebook allows us to reach out to specific audiences, ensuring focused and efficient advertising for your home.  

We use Facebook’s advanced targeting technology to strategically place your home in front of thousands of people who would be the most likely candidates to buy it. 

Our extensive experience in creating compelling Facebook ads for your home causes many of those targeted buyers to look, like and share your property. These leads are then captured by our proprietary, mobile-friendly website allowing us to quickly and efficiently follow up with them. 

We understand people don't typically go to Facebook to buy a home. But we do know the people who are buying homes ARE on Facebook.

More than once we've heard stories like: "We weren't looking to buy a home, but we saw your gorgeous home on Facebook and realized we had to have it".

Zillow Marketing (Zillow Advantage)

Did you know that 95% of home buyers start their search online, before ever speaking with a Realtor? 

We make sure that your home not only looks great online with professional photos and video, but we also pay Zillow, the #1 home search site on the internet, each month to be a Zillow Premier Agent and showcase our homes on Zillow for more visibility than the average agent. 

International Marketing

Team McMurray prides itself in being as multicultural as Chicagoland is, and we actively seek to reach all potential Buyers of your home. 

We reach all channels of Buyers by marketing through international memberships, college communities, and business partnerships such as NAHREP, CIPS, AREAA, Juwai.com, FIABCI-USA, and RESAAS. 

Print Media & Direct Mail/Brochures

Most real estate agents, if they do any marketing, decide to do either "print" OR "online" as their ONLY investment in selling your home. They may even charge you additional fees for extra marketing avenues. 

We leave no stone unturned. In addition to our aggressive online and social marketing, we invest our own money to create a complete print marketing kit for your home. What does this include?

  • Postcards -  Sent to potential buyers. 
  • Door Hangers- Hand delivered to your neighbors. 
  • Brochures - For Open Houses and Showings. 

Mega Open Houses

Once upon a time, there were open houses; agents would throw out a few signs and hang out for a few hours to greet potential buyers. It was a solid way to get the word out, sell a house and help a buyer and seller live happily ever after. The problem with open houses is that they are now the industry standard and don't have the same impact they once did. 

Enter the Mega Open House; in the current online market climate, an open house event featuring food, music, and a sense of community is an opportunity to help your property stand out above the rest.  Our combination of online and print advertising helps drive traffic to the one-of-a-kind event that your friends, neighbors, and prospective buyers will talk about for years to come!

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Our Team

All the marketing in the world won't matter if the right agent isn't representing you. We have a team of Realtors who take their jobs very seriously. When you hire one of us, you get us all. 

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