A home inspection is highly recommended before you complete the purchase of your new home. 

The following is a short and incomplete list of home inspection companies that work in the Chicago area. Team McMurray has worked with all of them in the past year and we are comfortable recommending their work. But please, do your research. It’s YOUR comfort level that is most important!

Home Inspectors – Licensed in Illinois

HouseCall Inspections
The BrickKicker
Home Inspection Team
1-800-we inspect
Jeffrey A. Swanberg
O: 773-929-9889
C: 312-543-3860
4Home Inspection
Cornerstone Home Inspection 
Services, LLC
Building Inspectors Consortium

The standard real estate purchase contract calls for a home inspection to be completed and any issues to be addressed identified within 5 business days after the Seller has accepted the Purchaser’s offer. The Purchaser and their Realtor will work to schedule and attend the inspection, determine what if any, repairs or repair credits need to be requested, and communicate that information to the Purchaser’s Attorney who will in turn forward the request to the Seller’s Attorney as part of the Attorney Review process.

Your home inspection may reveal not only major latent (hidden) problems which could affect your decision to purchase the property, but also can provide a to-do list for you of minor repairs to be addressed once you’ve moved into your new home.

 When choosing an inspector, We suggest you check out 2 or 3 different providers using their websites and/or calling to ask questions. All Illinois home inspectors are required to be licensed by the State, but different companies and individuals have different specialties and areas of expertise. A brand-new home should not be inspected in the same manner as a vintage condominium. Other variables to be aware of include the availability of inspectors (24/7?), the timing of the report (instantaneous or 48 hours?), the method of delivery (CD, Email, Paper?), and the inspector’s availability for follow-up questions.  

For more Information visit: The Chicago Chapter of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors